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The selection of packages is large and dynamic, here you see only a small sample, but we are waiting for you to contact us

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According to https://www.casinorankings.com/casinos/romania/ ‘When it comes to the country’s gambling industry and atmosphere, it can be described with one phrase: above average! There are dozens of casinos spread throughout the country, featuring table games, slots, video poker and other popular game varieties.’’

With world class live casinos gathered in Bucharest, the multitude of international players, the luxury of hotels and night life dedicated to casino life is positioning Bucharest in the top of casino destination map.

Let us introduce you to the fine sound of roulette, the atmosphere around poker table or the stories related to dice. The luxury lifestyle, perfection of food and drinks together with a perfect service will give you the image of Eastern Europe Las Vegas.


Seductive, fashionable, and hospitable, one of the best things about Bucharest is that it caters to all budgets. Clubs, pubs, and restaurants are reasonably priced by western standards, despite the fact that tourists receive more services at higher standards.

You’ll be surprised at how reasonable everything is as you immerse yourself in the country’s festive spirit. These people, without a doubt, know how to celebrate life and how to enjoy nightlife. The hidden diamond of nightlife are the clubs of Bucharest, you have to see them, to be a part of the crowd and to live the vibe. TOP OF WORLD CLASS CLUBS are here, a combination of Ibiza, Berlin, Mykonos, Amsterdam and Moscow atmosphere at a reasonable price. Let us spoil you, lets party like there is no tomorrow.

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VIP Services

Happy Touring Club VIP service was developed as a result of long-standing, trusted relationships with VIP entrepreneurs and senior management of different entities. It combines the knowledge and experience of a travel agency with the luxury and discretion of a concierge to ensure a hassle-free trip every time.

Take advantage of the greatest aspects of fun and travel while our team of specialists takes care of the rest.

We are available 24 hours a day, our professionals will try to accommodate your schedules, allowing your VIPs to spend less time planning travel and more time enjoying it. Our specialists will build and handle any and all aspects of a bespoke schedule, regardless of its complexity, to ensure a hassle-free travel experience tailored to the client’s lifestyle and tastes.

Music Festivals and Art Events

Maybe in top three in EU in terms of vibrant and night life, Romania is the place to be when it comes to music festivals and incredible art events. We excel at having a good time and, more importantly, at making our guests have a good time. Romania is a place of diversity, a place of freedom and parties which is a strong reason to host an increasing number of events and festivals. Come party us, be a part of the party crowd.

Untold, Electric Castle, Jazz Festival, Ciprian Porumbescu Festival, Summer Well, Never Sea, ARTmania Festival, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Jazz in Church, Jazz in park, Saga film, Astra film festival…and the list is never-ending, every weekend we have something special for you.

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Adult experience in Romania

This product is for you if you are a couple of adults, or maybe more couples of adults, willing to spend time together and enjoy some days of quiet and relaxation in one of Romania big cities or maybe in some remote vilages in the midle of nature. We have to talk, we have all the options for you, begining with a package of SPA, food, wine tasting and shoping in Bucharest, or maybe you want some quality glamping athmosfere in the midle of Transilvania with short private tours arround. Another option will be to have cultural and food experience in a big city, to enjoy great restaurants and wine tasting while a tour guide will explain the history…remember, we understand your needs because we are feeling the same, just tell us your interest and we will deliver above expectations.