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We truly believe that CSR is an opportunity, not a constraint.

United Nations General Assembly declared 17 Sustainable Development Goals which became for us benchmarks for the future development of our operations.

There is no other experience that is as inspirational, powerful, and universal as giving back. As a travel operator, DMC, PCO or simply event planners, we should strive to raise the bar of our events by incorporating CSR-related activities.

Without the correct information or network, organizing CSR activities might be tough. As a result, it’s a good idea to contact your favorite local DMC, PCO or travel operator and talk about how one or more of the UN’s 17 goals may be implemented as a shared experience among the attendees.

social responasibility

As DMC, PCO, event planners or travel arrangers, we’ve always strived to get the most out of each location. It’s time for us to start giving back to the destination and surrounding areas. A well-thought-out CSR program can also help to extend the life of an event. An inspiring CSR activity created by Happy Touring Club encouraged a multinational firm to use the model in future incentives all around the world, aiding other local communities and creating a powerful shared experience among new and returning incentive earners.

We provide more than just travel and event services, we create and organize once-in-a-lifetime shared experiences.

Our commitments and responsibilities

Our dedication extends beyond the operation of low emission and recicling. It entails altering our operations and implementing best practices in order to lower our overall footprint.
It’s also about treating employees and collaborators well, providing them with stable and well-paid positions, and assuring the safety and contentment of clients.

Moving forward in this direction determined and ambitiously, will provide us a competitive advantage and set us apart from others who wait. We can even expect to have a beneficial ripple effect on those who have yet to take action, making us a reference in our industry in the near future.

A business cannot simply develop without taking into account the social ramifications of its actions. Happy Touring Club CSR approach causes it to reflect on its operations and actions, with the goal of building a progressive strategy for its colleagues, suppliers, and the social environment.

Happy Touring Club CSR Principles

We are certain that combining delivering of quality travel and MICE experiences with sustainable principles is not an option, but rather a need that will benefit all of our stakeholders, from passengers to our community.

Having an extensive experience in travel, aviation, hotel & events industry we decided to concentrate in the near future on 3 key pillars:

  • Protection of Environment
  • Customer Safety & Satisfaction
  • Sustainable & fairly paid jobs for our employees and collaborators

Protection of Environment

It is the most important social responsibility to decrease our carbon impact. Happy Touring Club recognizes that the most significant environmental impact may be achieved by controlling and continuously reevaluating the entire portfolio of suppliers in order to be sure that they are compliant with the latest available unpolluting technologies and processes.

We examine new low-emission technologies as they become available and prefer them over a more polluting alternative.

Waste & Garbage Management

Poorly managed wastes can have a terrible effect on the environment, and despite the fact that Happy Touring Club produces little wastes, we invested in a full assessment of our waste management to improve our performance where possible.

We’ve established selective sorting, thoroughly trained personnel in waste management best practices, and paid special attention to dangerous items labeling. We’ve also made it a point to recycle our consumables whenever possible (ink cartridges, washing water, water bottles etc.). On the other hand, we are working together with our suppliers in order to get as close as possible to zero mismanaged waste.

Exceptional Customer Services with Responsibility

Our goal is to create a great experience for our customers while reducing our emissions to a minimum.

We make it a point to prioritize digital over print. We are dedicated to develop all processes to become totally automated and paperless, from the creation of an order to the transfer of data to customers and suppliers. The training materials, which may be consulted on a smartphone, are the same. No trees will suffer in the near future.

The Eco Responsibility will positively impact the safety and the cost of services for the customers, corporate or individual.

Customer Safety and Satisfaction

The safety and quality of our services are by far the most important for us. In the same time we will fight with all our strength to maintain the security and safety of our customers, collaborators and employees. By ensuring security and quality we can rely on consumer loyalty and, as a result, the future of Happy Touring Club will be a positive one.

We have created a 24/7 multilingual customer service for emergencies, developed a stringent protocol for handling passengers’ and clients’ complaints, and are routinely seeking our clients’ happiness through satisfaction surveys as part of our continual efforts for improvement.

Sustainable & fairly paid jobs for our employees and collaborators

Developing our people’s abilities and, as a result, their employability, is a vital aspect of our CSR commitment, which is why training and information sharing is so crucial.

All permanent personnel receive ongoing training to help them perform better in their jobs and beyond. Language skills, safety and security, communications abilities, IT software, all included in training programs in different forms.

100% No Child Labor and total Gender Equality.

We truly believe in education, liberty, and equality of opportunities without hunger of fear for all humans of the world. We will fight with all our strength to protect the rights, liberty and integrity of any human beyond political borders. Our company will not use children as employees or collaborators of any kind and will finish contracts instantly with any collaborator who is using as workforce this kind of resource.

As a growing company we will always evaluate the professional elements related to our employees, collaborators or suppliers. Gender Equality is not just a basic human right, but also a prerequisite for a world that is peaceful, affluent, and sustainable.