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Happy Touring Club is dedicated to upholding the best business standards and to conducting business in an open, honest, and transparent manner. We anticipate

Our suppliers’ business actions must meet the same high standards as ours.

We are committed to advancing ethical, social, environmental, and economic values as a signatory to the UN Global Compact. and best practices in human rights within its own company, the meeting industry, and its supply chain

Our basic standards are outlined in this Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC). We anticipate the participation of all of our partners and suppliers.

This code must be followed and supported by all employees and subcontractors. This code will be used as one of the criteria.

Business partners and suppliers are chosen using this method.

1. Legal stipulations

Happy Touring Club expects its partners, suppliers, and subcontractors to follow all applicable national and international laws, including labor, human rights, worker health and safety, and environmental regulations, in the countries where goods are acquired or services are delivered.

2. Communication Suppliers are responsible for informing and agreeing to comply with our SCC with all of their workers and any subcontractors executing work for our organization.

3. Ethical standards

We require vendors to uphold high ethical standards and refrain from engaging in activities that give the impression of impropriety. Refer to the Happy Touring Club Code of Business Ethics for more information.

• Suppliers will abide Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organisation Fundamental Rights at Work

• We do not allow bribery or corruption in any transactions that may jeopardize the values of transparency and accountability.

Fair competition can be construed as an endeavor to gain or keep business, or to sway commercial decision-making processes.

• We do not take money, gifts in kind, costs, or other benefits that may influence our decisions.

We do not accept cash presents as gifts, and we make business decisions. Code of Ethics for Suppliers from concept to market

4. Forced and child labor

The Happy Touring Club is devoted to the advancement of human rights. Suppliers and subcontractors are not permitted to use any underage, forced, or illegal labor used to produce goods or provide services Suppliers are important to us, and we rely on them. their subcontractors to demonstrate

5. Discipline procedures

Workers shall be treated with respect and dignity by suppliers and subcontractors, who will guarantee that they are not exposed to any type of physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse.

6. Wages and benefits

Suppliers and their sub-contractors will recognise that wages are essential to meeting employees’ basic needs and will make every effort to ensure that workers receive wages meeting basic needs by local

7.Discrimination is number seven.

Happy Touring Club will not work with providers and suppliers who discriminate based on race, gender, political affiliation, or other factors like religion, convictions, social, racial, or national background, marital status, age, sexual orientation. Allways will take into consideration qualifications, education, abilitoes and experience of employees.

8. Safety and Health

Suppliers and subcontractors will:

  • Provide safe and healthy working environments for their employees in accordance with domestic and international regulations, local rules and regulations governing health and safety.
  • Take reasonable precautions to avoid accidents or health injuries resulting from, related with, or resulting from
  • occurrences that occur in the course of labor
  • Disclose material characteristics and health and safety information regarding the products they
  • supply in compliance with the relevant standards, regulations or generally-accepted industry
  • guidelines.

9. Environmental stewardship

We encourage and anticipate a strong environmental commitment as well as aggressive measures to protect and preserve the environment, the restoration of the natural environment. We will give preference to partners who:

  • Have a management system in place that demonstrates environmental stewardship and improvement.
  • Remove poisonous and dangerous materials from products and processes.
  • Maximize efficiency while lowering costs.
  • Reduce the use of natural resources such as raw materials, electricity, and water by increasing efficiency and reducing pollution and waste.
  • Encourage the use of renewable energy through fostering innovation and integrating it into existing systems.


10. Sustainable product development

We encourage our suppliers to consider environmental and social factors when developing new products, in order to improve the environmental performance of processes, technologies, products, and packaging maximize potential for good social impact with their products We request that our suppliers be informed.

11. Certification and reporting

We prefer to engage with companies who have publicly stated commitments and results in terms of environmental and social responsibility.

12. Intellectual property, confidentiality, and data privacy

  • All suppliers that process personal data must sign a data processing agreement with Happy Touring Club (as required by your principal contact at Happy Touring Club).
  • Suppliers should not share information about our company’s commercial activities, structure, financial status, or performance with anybody else.
  • Suppliers must protect and properly utilize our company’s intellectual assets and confidential information, in accordance with Happy Touring Club’s authorisation for such usage.
  • Suppliers may only use such data for Happy Touring Club business reasons or as otherwise specified in any applicable agreement(s) between Happy Touring Club and such suppliers.
  • Suppliers must respect Happy Touring Club’s and others’ intellectual property rights, which include, but are not limited to, copyrights, patents, trademarks, licenses, and trade secrets.
  • Suppliers are not permitted to use any patented technology, copyrighted materials, or other intellectual property or sensitive information owned by Happy Touring Club or a third party.


If a situation arises that causes the supplier or its employees to be unable to complete the project, the supplier must notify their project contact person or Happy Touring Club representatives about the non compliancy problem.

We reserve the right to end business connections with any supplier that violates or fails to comply with our needs, or whose subcontractors do.

14. Supplementary materials

Our vendors must be aware of the following document and follow them at all times.

• Happy Touring Club’s Policy on Sustainability

• Happy Touring Club Business Ethics Code


I declare that

I assert that________________________________(company) supports these initiatives in act and spirit.

Name ____________________________________

Position ___________________________________

Signature __________________________________



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February 2022