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Bird watching & Photo tour

You will be witness of every day transformation of the wildest place in Europe, and no, it is not exaggerated. The Danube Delta is the most representative and complex delta ecosystem on this planet, and the third area as biodiversity, after The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and The Coral Barrier in Australia. You live your everyday life several hours of flight from this magnificent place where more than 350 species of birds, 1200 species of plants and trees and more than 100 species of fishes are living like in heaven. Imagine than in Danube Delta lives more than 95% of aquatic fauna, and you can see them all. You need to be here in your lifetime, forget about professional cameras, just enjoy heaven and take the best moments with you, in your memory or smartphone.

Off Road Experience

Transylvania’s or Danube Delta are our off-road playgrounds, cars, enduro motorcycles or buggies are helping us to see most remote mountains or muds for completely untouched terrain and an unforgettable experience. Summer or winter, we are in the wild hiking or just going on bumpy roads or swimming in the muds.

We enjoy the wildest places and we protect it in the same time, we know that Romania is the last corner of Europe where you can find unspoiled nature. It is the place where ecosystems are preserved for the benefit of humans and also of nature.

We believe that delicate relationship between man and nature still remains in perfect balance and that’s why we are fighting for sustainable travel. Rural traditions are still very much part of the way of life, which keeps the Romanian countryside so unique.

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Rafting, SUP, Kayaking or Canoeing

You are going to be wet in the near future on super-fast wild rivers together with your team or just by yourself, great. We are happy to have best consultants on these activities which will keep you, your family or team mates safe and worm in this real adventure.

Depending on season, we are able to offer you different locations for SUP (Stand Up Paddling) in the middle of Bucharest or extreme kayaking experience in the most remoted part of Romania.

Cycling in Romania

Mountain biking in the Alps of Romania, road cycling to discover cities like Bucharest, Transylvania or Saxon villages from Transylvania together with your family or mates. Take into consideration to discover the beauties of countryside in a beautiful spring day, maybe the wine roads. For downhill madness you can choose some special paths or just go wild, we help you choose what it is suitable for your level. Extreme mountain cycling on e-bikes or classic bikes, we have it all, guided or not be sure that you will enjoy every moment.

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Hiking in Carpathians

You are in a country with a third of the country’s surface covered by mountains, Romania offers some extremely beautiful hiking trails, so welcome in the Alps of Romania.

Bucharest, sea side and Transylvanian Saxon villages are perfect for a city break, fun, food and history, hiking in the Carpathian Mountains will allow you to feel the authentic nature and breathe the freshest air. Take in the picturesque and hyper instagramable views and enjoy the surprising wild nature of Romania has to offer. Come with our professional guides, they will show you the beauties of the untouched nature in the safest manner, they will tell you stories about bears, wolves and other wild animals near the fire camp and give you the food of shepherds under the stars. It will be magnificent, once you do it once, you will come back for more.