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We act according to the interest of our clients and we always help to make the processes simple for them.

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Financial & Acquisitions

The prices of travel services are fluctuating and sometimes it is difficult to accept the cost structure and payment terms. Travel budgets, instead of decreasing, seem to always increase. How can you keep control of your travel expenses? How do we build and implement a travel policy? Do we want to renegotiate contracts with suppliers, if so, under what conditions? So let’s define together the best price/ conditions ratio.

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In case of emergency, we know where the passengers are and we will take quick measures in order to keep them safe. Travel insurance is as important as loss of productivity, frustration and personal safety, we are constantly thinking about all parameters related to travel to be sure that the passenger is concentrating on the reason why is traveling. We try to support for all passengers a healthy balance between business travel and private life for exceptional results

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Assistant managers & travel arrangers

We’ll help you stay in control of your bookings, stay informed, stay focused and stay ahead of everybody else. HTC will help you with the best advisors to manage itineraries, book the perfect hotel, car, flight, perfect venue, meetings and dinners, and manage travel preferences and payment details safely and securely.

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Traveling for business is fun, but it also can be risky, takes up a lot of time and energy. In most cases passengers are wasting time on complex booking platforms finding and booking what they consider to be the right trip. You need only the telephone number of an experienced consultant, this is the reason why consultants still exist in this digitalized travel world, and they are making complex booking look simple to the passenger.

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The company you run can differentiate itself from the competition through travel programs, policies, transparent and complete range of services. Recently, business trips are considered as added value at the time of employment, and the way in which they are carried out can massively influence the degree of employee’s retention. 

We all know that the communication, expertise and flexibility of your travel account manager can be a huge positive influence on your company.