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Account management & travel management

Having a great team of professionals with huge experience delivering for more than twenty years complex solutions to local and global corporate clients we understood what really matters to the client.

Happy Touring Club (HTC) is able to offer multifaceted fare procurement and services spend analytics solutions which are leading to better fares, accurate forecasts in terms of acquisitions and fares and smarter travel strategies.

Exceptional customer service is our unconditional commitment. We are committed to provide the highest level of product or service to all of our customers.

No matter with which recurrence the customer is ordering services, we will do our best anyways and we will do anything in our power to provide the best available service in the safest possible manner. We take a very broad but at the same time very serious approach to security, starting from the safety of passengers, the systems and platforms used, data, profiles and ending with pandemics regulations.

Happy Touring Club (HTC) is connected to the most efficient platforms available, in order to deliver full range of services. We are aware that the investment in technology is paramount our days but in the same time very selective and careful to implement the most efficient solutions. High tested and relevant cutting-edge technology is used 24/7 all year around by our consults in order to make the customer safe and create the best booking and travel perception. Remember the question: “What really matters?”.

On behalf of our customers and partners we are watching as close as possible the expenses. We are always demonstrating that we are successively negotiating fares of different types of services and proudly report to our clients results that are often above expectations. We build long-term relationships with all our suppliers and always optimize according to our customers’ needs.

After so many years in the corporate area all of us understood that a spherical approach of the client is the best we can do, or the only approach we can have to be successful. With absolute outstanding background in managing corporate accounts, we are simply delivering at least as expected.

Besides truly valuable account manager we will provide just one point of contact, you will have one of our operational outstanding consultants at your service.

Best available fares for any airline in the world

You will receive low-cost carriers or legacy companies’ bookings, be sure that you will receive the best available fare at the time of reservation.

The customer is controlling the entire booking and issuing process thru our consultants. Anytime you have access to the available reports so you can be sure that all the details are correct.

Our days the reservation of a plain ticket became a full complex process and the travel manager must be aware of many parameters from time table to price, cancelation conditions, sanitary conditions and the list can continue. Remember, our role is to make the reservation process safe and simple.

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Local, regional and global accommodation excellence

You have access to an exhaustive data base of properties worldwide, our exceptional consultants are already aware of your profile so they will respect your desire at the level of excellence.

We are promising our customers always safe accommodation properties which are located near destination point.

We are negotiating with suppliers all year around for our customers

Rent a car with no surprises

As we all know renting a car can be tricky in terms of costs and conditions, we will facilitate and guarantee the class of car and conditions related to insurance and safety.

Doesn’t matter the place you need mobility, we are delivering anywhere on this planet, anytime.

Negotiating fares, special condition or asking for upgrades makes us proud to be your travel arranger.

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Top global insurance companies

Tested global insurance companies, just to be sure.

After reading carefully the details of insurance contracts we are guarantying that you will get from us the right insurance policy suited for your travels, not just a default policy.

Every passenger needs a custom-made insurance policy according to its profile, you will get the wright one from us.

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Airport and Visa Services

We understand how to obtain travel or business visas because we have helped thousands of people to pass thru this process. After getting the Visa we will arrange dedicated check-in gates, personal attendant, luggage assistance or access in protocol lounges.

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Ferry, bus or just train

You or your passengers need mobility so let us build a complete travel solution with the help of our global partners.

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Flight disruption claims

Airport transfer, flight disruption, rent a car, a simple flu, lost baggage are just a few services which can generate problems and you need to make a claim, well, we are here to assist.